Pedagogy and Psychology


Educational Programme: «5В010300 – pedagogy and psychology»




The previous levels of education for applicants for this specialty can be:

- Music College, a specialized music school;

- Secondary school with an additional five or seven years of music education;

- College of Arts, Teachers College;

- Variety and circus school;

- higher education institutions (getting a second higher education - for a fee).


І. TWO CREATIVE EXAMINATIONS: Pedagogy and Psychology.

1. The oral creative exam for pedagogy includes 2 stages:

The first stage: with applicants, diagnostic testing is conducted to determine professional suitability.

The second stage: the entrant defends the creative essay on the pedagogical theme.

2. Oral creative examination in psychology and pedagogy includes 2 stages:

The first stage: the entrant passes an examination on the basics of musical psychology in the volume of the program of the school or college.

2nd stage: the entrant decides psychological, pedagogical situations and tasks.


Literature: Bogoslovsky "General Psychology", SL Rubinshtein "Fundamentals of  General Psychology", E. Aldamuratov "Zhalpy Psychology", K. Zharykbayev "Psychology" and others.

Criteria for evaluation:

Feality, completeness, clarity, accuracy of knowledge;

Communication with practice, music life;

Convincing, keenness, interest;

Solving a practical problem;

The culture of speech.



To participate in comprehensive testing, the applicant submits an application to the Admissions Committee of the KNK after Kurmangazy on a letterhead of the established sample, a receipt for payment for testing. Passed for testing issued a special pass with a photo. Testing is conducted in the following subjects:

1. History of Kazakhstan.

2. Literacy reading (Kazakh or Russian language at the choice of the applicant).


For Prospective Students